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Grow Your Family Legacy
Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Modern Apartment Block

Better Returns 
Multifamily syndications regularly average 10-15% or more annually compared to traditional stock market returns of 6-7%.

Cash Flow
Create ongoing passive income in retirement or while you work without the hassels of managing the property, knowing that you have a team hard at work growing your investment.

Tax Advantages
Investing in multifamily real estate takes advantage of tax strategies such as cost segregation and accelerated depreciation to reduce your tax basis.

Funding Options
You have multiple funding options - Cash, SDIRA, Solo 401K, SEP IRA, Simple IRAs, Trust and LLC.

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Our Investment Criteria

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Business Meeting

Strong Markets

We invest in landlord-friendly markets with strong population growth, job growth and employer diversity as these are indicators of strong rental demand and market appreciation.  

A, B and C Class Multifamily

Our conservative underwriting process identifies well built apartment communities in good, safe neighborhoods.  These assets are lower risk investments that are recession-resistant and designed to perform well in all markets.

Value Add Properties

We target income-producing assets that provide opportunities to capture appreciation through physical and operational value add improvements.

Our Process



As part of a General Partner team we work with other professionals to identify investment opportunities off market and directly with brokers, conservatively underwrite, perform onsite due diligence, negotiate pricing/terms, secure the debt, raise the capital and effectively manage the asset, with professional full-time third party property management.


Modern Kitchen

Our investment criteria are 100+ unit Class A, B or C apartment communities with value add opportunities, located in growing landlord friendly markets, valued between $10M – $50M.

Along with our experienced partners, we upgrade the interiors and exteriors to improve the experience for our tenants and thus increase the value of the property.


Business Meeting

Ultimately we aim to increase the Net Operating Income and thereby the Asset value of the property by implementing our business plan and selling over a 4 – 7 year hold period. 


As a passive Limited Partner with us, you will benefit from our experience team of professionals and performance of these assets.

How It Works

Step 1 -JOIN 

Start by joining the Investor Club, a community of people just like you, who are looking to grow their wealth and create a family legacy. 

Step 2 -Invest 

We will identify multifamily opportunities that match our strict criteria and meet your investing goals and share those details with you so you can invest alongside us.

Step 3 -Enjoy

With each investment, you'll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of ongoing cash flow and long term growth, so you can feel confident about your family's financial future.

About Kudele Capital Group

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Tom & Danielle Kudele

Managing Partners

Tom and Danielle Kudele as general partners have syndicated 11 Multifamily properties since 2019 and are currently invested  in 2646 doors of Class A, B and C apartment communities.


Tom Kudele is a registered and licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and possesses over 32 years of experience in development and execution of Heavy Industrial, Light Commercial, Office and Residential Capital Projects in North America, Asia and Europe.


Tom and Danielle currently support various Partnership Teams by signing on loans as a Key Principle, providing earnest and due diligence funds, raising capital, participating in due diligence, capital project consulting and asset management. 

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